Netflix Teases First Egyptian Original Series, And We Love It

‘Paranormal’ is almost here…

It’s been a year since Netflix announced its first Egyptian original series, ‘Paranormal’, and now the streaming giant has finally released some imagery.

Despite a slight production delay due to coronavirus, the show is still due to make its scheduled debut in November of this year. And by the looks of it, it’s going to be majorly binge-worthy.

Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, the show marks a major moment for the region.

Tawfik is the pioneering figure behind Arab sci-fi, churning out 20 books a year, and publishing over 200 books throughout his career, with the Paranormal series selling a whopping 15 million copies, this Netflix series will only catapult his name even further.

Set in 1969, the series sees renowned actor Ahmed Amin play Dr. Refaat Ismail, the series’ protagonist. Dr. Ismael, who is a cynical haematologist in his forties, goes through a series of paranormal incidents that lead to his scientific convictions being put to question. That’s where his colleague Maggie Mckillop, a Scottish scientist played by Razan Jammal, comes into play. Maggie joins him as they enter the paranormal world and try save Dr. Refaat’s loved ones from danger.

An exact release date is yet to be announced, but we’ll keep you posted.

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