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10 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

From Stranger Things alternatives to coming of age dramas

We’re more than halfway through summer and although lounging on the beach is pretty much always a good idea—it’s also the perfect time to kick back and dive in to a solid Netflix show.


Whether you’re hopping on a long haul flight and need to download something for the journey, or you just need some downtime after a summer of hyper-socialising, we’ve got you covered.


Everything Sucks


If you loved Stranger Things’ 80s vibe and are looking for its 90s equivalent, you’ll love Everything Sucks. The show is centred around a group of high school outcasts living in a town that’s literally called Boring, and follows the intricacies of coming-of-age and the adventures in and outside of their school’s AV club.




Since mental health is still quite the taboo in the region, this series is definitely worth a watch. The comedy follows the life of Sam, who falls within the autism spectrum, and his journey to find true love.


Good Girls


If you’re looking for a crime-comedy then Good Girls is the show to watch. The series is centred on two sisters and their best friend – and how committing a robbery changed their lives for good.


Orange is the New Black


The ultra-popular series is back for its sixth season, and according to reviews, it’s as addictive as ever. And if you’re not already familiar with the show, it’s definitely a must-watch. The series follows the lives of privileged inmate Piper Chapman—who’s serving a sentence in a minimum-security prison—and all the women she meets there.


Evil Genius


If you’re a fan of murder mysteries, you’ll enjoy this entire series that’s centred on America’s most diabolical bank robbery that somehow involves a pizza delivery man and a bomb around his neck – all in the little town of Erie, Pennsylvania.


The End of the F**ing World


If you’re looking for a series to leave you feeling a bit unsettled, this is one for you. The End of the F**ing World is based on a comic by Charles Forsman about a teenager who also happens to be a psychopath as he embarks on an impromptu road trip with Alyssa, a rebel in search of her father.


Chewing Gum


The show follows 24-year-old virgin Tracey as she spends most of her time trying to get laid. Living in London, Tracey tries to hilariously navigate between her religious family and boyfriend (who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage).


Queer Eye


Queer eye follows the Fab 5, a group of five men who travel around the US to give makeovers to those in need across the nation. Each of the Fab 5 members has a particular specialty and they hone in their subject for every week to transform their lives for the better.


Altered Carbon


If you are into science fiction, you’d love Altered Carbon. The show portrays a society that has been transformed by technology and where human bodies are interchangeable and immortality is a reality.


Friends from College


Who doesn’t like college reunions? Just as its title suggests, the show is based around a group of former Harvard students who begin to reconnect as they approach their forties—giving you a glimpse of the complexities of getting older.

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