Netflix Shows You’ll Want to Stream During Ramadan

The only binge you’ll want to indulge in

Nothing can test your patience like fasting on a hot summers day. Milliseconds can feel like hours, and suddenly you’re game for anything that will take your mind off of your groaning stomach.

Except, there’s one problem: it’s Ramadan, and if you live in the region, daytime hours mean everything is closed during the day. But thanks to the internet, we can kill time by scrolling Instagram (definitely not a good thing to do) or watching Netflix (definitely a great thing to do).  

And this year, the streaming service is keeping up with Ramadan tradition by introducing four new regional series. From crime shows to tear-jerking dramas, these are the binge-worthy series to get you through the day.

The WriterStarring Syrian actor Basel Khayat, the series follows the story of a best-selling crime novelist whose life takes a turn in the wrong direct as he becomes a suspect in a murder case that’s a little too similar to the plot of his book.

What if?Featuring a fresh young cast that includes Aseel Omran, Munther Rayhana, Khaled Amin and Rawan Mahdi, the Kuwaiti drama follows each character’s lives until they constantly find themselves meeting at crossroads.

I Have a ScriptKuwaiti television star Souad Abdullah is joined by Shejoun Al-Hajri to play the role of a woman determined to pursue her passion of writing TV scripts in this comedic drama.

In the Bosom of a ThornSet during the invasion of Iraq, In the Bosom of a Thorn trails the story of a child who returns to her home in search of her mother after being taken from her.

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