Netflix to Release Their First Arab Reality TV Show

And it’s all about the region’s car culture

First it was Jinn, then Al Rawabi School for Girls. Needless to say, Netflix is dominating the Arab market in recent years. Now, the streaming giant is officially moving from scripted dramas to another realm: Arab reality TV.

Their latest project? An original reality TV show that’s all about cars. Set to debut on November 23, the show will be comprised of six episodes, covering every facet of the region’s vast car culture. The show is Netflix’s first unscripted Arab series.

Called ‘The Fastest’, the upcoming series will see car enthusiasts and drivers (both male and female) take on the road for competitions, racing to win a cash prize.

“We know that the Arab world has a particular love for fast cars and thrilling experiences, so ‘The Fastest’ will put the best of the best through their paces for fans from the Middle East and beyond,” says Lucy Leveugle, Netflix’s Director of Nonfiction Originals.

“Our goal is to have a slate of content as diverse as our audience and we are excited to introduce a new content format for Netflix. We want to provide Arab storytellers with the tools they need to bring their vision to life, whether that’s scripted or unscripted and, with ‘The Fastest’, we hope to amplify a new pool of talent from the Arab world onto the global stage,” she continued.



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