Netflix’s New Psychological Thriller, ‘The Matchmaker’ Was Shot Entirely in AlUla

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Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for its upcoming release, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic and unsettling world of The Matchmaker. Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site of AlUla, The Matchmaker, which will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix on April 27, tells the story of Tarek (Husam Alharthi), a skilled IT professional, who finds himself deeply infatuated with his beautiful intern, played by Nour Alkhadra. His desire for her takes him on a journey to a matchmaker, portrayed by Reem Alhabib, who promises to find the other half of each one of her visitors. But after Tarek’s encounter, a whole other scenario unfolds.

Directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan and produced by Telfaz11, the psychological thriller was the first film to be shot entirely in AlUla. 

Kandahar, an upcoming American action thriller film directed by Ric Roman Waugh, written by Mitchell LaFortune, and produced by Gerard Butler was also shot entirely in the Northwest’s lush green oases and undulating sand dunes.

“I grew up hearing stories about both the supernatural and human stories of love and revenge, and I wanted to bring these together in The Matchmaker, set against the stunning backdrop of the ancient world of AlUla. I am excited that we were able to explore the relatively new genre of psychological thrillers from Saudi Arabia, following the complex emotions of the characters as they embark on a thrilling journey. I look forward to the audience’s reaction to this film that blends the modern and ancient world in a way that is distinctly Saudi,” said Aldabaan.

Beyond the gripping storyline and exciting cast, The Matchmaker is also significant in its role and symbolism as it marks a significant step forward for Saudi Arabian cinema — which has only recently been permitted to operate publicly in the country since 2015 — and hopes to draw new audiences into the unique and fascinating stories Saudi Arabia has to tell, with all of  their cultural richness and complexities.

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