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Nike’s Latest Must-Have Drop Is Inspired By Traditional Moroccan Tilework

from From Casablanca to Paris and back

Just days after Adidas debuted a line of limited-edition thobes, it appears that another sportswear giant is seeking inspiration from our culture. We’re talking about Nike, which unveiled an exclusive pair of trainers inspired by traditional Moroccan Zellige in partnership with Parisian sneaker boutique Opium Paris last week.

The new model, which reimagines the iconic Air Jordan in the intricate mosaic work found in North Africa, comes in a purple colorway with black accents, and Nike’s emblematic swoosh, which appears black upon first glance only to reveal patterns of the zellige after ripping through the first layer of fabric.

Dubbed JORDAN AIR SHIP SP X OPIUM, the high-cut shoe was reportedly designed to represent the dual culture of Opium’s founders, who were both born in France to Moroccan parents. Coming as a sartorial celebration of multiculturalism and cultural diversity, through this drop, the unexpected collaboration also wants to inspire young generations to be the “artisans of (their own) future.”

With the notions of heritage and youth empowerment in mind, two short campaign videos were shot in both Paris and Casablanca to reinforce this ethos. The complementary clips both feature a group of young adults led by French-Moroccan femcee Nayra and French-Moroccan designer Allan Guenaoui.

They start in Morocco, cruising through the city before making a pit stop at a traditional tile-making shop to engage with local artisans and explore age-old techniques of craftsmanship. We also see them pass by a group of seniors, wearing the sneakers themselves beneath a Jallaba— a traditional North African thobe— as they play checkers on the street. In the second video, they return to their country of birth, France, where they regroup and apply the lessons they’ve learned to bring the JORDAN AIR SHIP SP X OPIUM to life.

Available to purchase since June 29 on Opium’s own website, the footwear will also be retailing through various other marketplaces and specialized stores starting July 6, at a price point of €150.

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