Nike underwater modest swimsuit

Nike Launches Modest Swimwear Line

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Nike underwater modest swimsuit

Gone are the days of ad-hoc hijabi swimwear – Nike just made history by launching their first line of modest swimwear, so wave goodbye to the days of your wearing long shirts and makeshift waterproof-hijabs sliding off.

The ‘Nike Victory Swim’ collection is comprised of three separate pieces: a hijab, a tunic, and pants. According to Martha Moor, the Vice President of design at Nike, the move came after having traveled to southeast Asia, where the design team picked up on a problem many Muslim women have across the globe: the inability to comfortably swim due to limited swimwear options.

Although burkinis have been given space in the swimwear industry in recent years, they were far from perfect. Some were too clingy, and others too loose, and most offered no mobility in water whatsoever.

The new line is designed with solutions in mind, utilising innovative technology and materials that are both light and stylish. It doesn’t cling to the body in order to assure its wearer that it adheres to Muslim guidelines of modesty, even in the water.

The material is also lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down like many burkinis on the market do. And if you’re wondering about its water repelling abilities, the suit is made of 70 per cent nylon, and 30 per cent spandex, so the water literally glides off, and the suit is quick to dry.

The collection is size-inclusive as well. Sizing starts at XXS and continues up to XXL. The XXS sizes cater to younger women, who typically stop swimming around the age of puberty, when the hijab becomes a compulsory requirement in Islam.

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