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Nike Puts Middle Eastern Kids at the Forefront of Its Latest Campaign

The kids are alright

It goes without saying that parents play an important role when it comes to the sporting development of their child.  While parental behaviors can have both positive and negative effects on their child’s sporting experience, in our region, it’s not uncommon for parents to completely dismiss physical activity as they don’t understand fully the tangible and intangible benefits of playing sport from a young age. However, sportswear giant Nike is looking to highlight the lifelong benefits of physical play for kids with its latest campaign. 

The brand has launched an empowering campaign that pays homage to children in the Middle East by lending young Arab kids their voice so they can show parents their vision of sport and how It unlocks unique benefits that can last a lifetime. Yes, there are achingly cool close-ups of the signature Nike swoosh but this bold campaign goes far beyond selling hi-tech breathable sportswear, it captures the region’s spirit and outlook on defying outdated cultural norms. 

Aptly titled “Sport Is Never Done,” the new campaign has launched across the region and includes a 90-second film that shows both young boys and girls smashing expectations of their parents, who, whether intentionally or not, are skeptical of the benefits of playing sport.

The empowering new campaign includes a series of engaging and unconventional sports aimed to help children unleash their full potential through the power of play, while workshops hosted in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh will invite parents and kids to discover the important role parents play in their child’s relationship with sports. The activations will also encourage parents and their kids to be physically active together. 

Meanwhile, in Dubai, the Nike store in Dubai Mall will play host to an immersive retail experience — available until Nov. 1 — that is designed to help kids discover where their athletic interests and passions lie. What’s more, a book, titled Five Minutes More, which invites parents and kids to discover the benefits of sport together will be available across the region from Oct. 21 online by way of

“We recognize the emotional and physical barriers that kids today face – in sport and in life,” said Nike in a press statement. “The more we listen, the more we learn. And the more excited we are about the chance to redefine sport with and for a new generation. We believe play is the gateway.”

With potency, Nike declares that “the next generation isn’t thinking about how they can create change when they grow up—they’re leading the way now.” The statement serves as a mindful reminder that our children are often a parents greatest teachers. The kids are alright.



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