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Nokia Re-releases the ‘Brick’ That Defined Y2K

Complete with Snake, of course.

Twenty years later, and Y2K is back like it never left. First it was low rise jeans making a comeback, now Nokia is re-releasing its iconic 6310 phone, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. 

According to Nokia, the new iteration will take on the iconic silhouette of the original, with a few new 2021 transformations in celebration of its 20th anniversary. Not to worry, the return of the ‘brick’ phone will of course come with the iconic game that defined a generation, Snake. 

It will also include a host of iconic features, namely a battery that will last you literal week before you need a charge.The phone’s battery life is rumored to be 21 days, leaving us all with ample time to relive our Y2K dreams. 

It’s all built in a tough shell, so it can take life’s bumps. The Nokia 6310 is the familiar phone, for the modern world,” reads a description from the phone manufacturer. 

Nokia's 6310 New Design
Nokia’s 6310 Phone New Design

The new version will also maintain the design features that earned it its ‘brick’ nickname, except this time it will come with bigger buttons and a slightly bigger screen than its OG counterpart, which was discontinued in 2005. 

Yes, it seems that the return of the noughties is back in full swing, albeit sans dial up internet and the need to squint at your phone to read a text. 

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