Nora Attal and The Abduls Ralph Lauren

Nora Attal and The Abduls Are Ralph Lauren’s Latest Muses

Because ‘Family is Who You Love’

Nora Attal and The Abduls Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren might be known for its star-studded campaigns, but this year it’s all about family. The American label just released its latest campaign, entitled ‘Family is Who You Love’, featuring snapshots of moments between a diverse set of siblings, parents, children, and lovers, among them Saudi sisters Sakhaa and Thana Abdul as well as Nora Attal and her family. 

“My sisters are always there. That’s just a bond that I will forever appreciate,” says Thanaa Abdul as she poses with her two sisters. Moroccan model Noral Attal posed with her family for the campaign as well. From their home-base in London, Attal posed with her mother, father and two siblings, sporting the latest from Ralph Lauren.


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“From the love your family gives you is where you can find faith, hope and comfort,” said her mother Bouchra Attal. 

This is Ralph Lauren’s second iteration of their ‘Family is Who You Love’ campaign, and while the first centered around the idea of the ‘American family’, this time around, the label has gone global. Alongside the Attals and the Abduls, the campaign stars other ‘families’ from across the globe. 


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“The ultimate gift is wisdom and understanding,” says Charlie Attal, husband of Bouchra, and father of three children, including London-based model #NoraAttal. This holiday season, as we come together in love, the Attal Family reflect on what they’ve learned this past year. “I think the more time you spend together, the more you start to understand each other. Even though our family was separated for a short time, this year made us much closer.” Charlie elaborated. This holiday season, join us as we shine light on the bonds shared between loved ones via the link in bio, featuring eleven families from around the world: @AwengChuol, @Palmpered, @Regitzehc, @GBerlanti, @RobbieRogers, @MaroItoje, @KevisManzi, @Edcee3000, @ShuPeiCute, @WorkToRide1, @LaMarcheBleue, @PhillipBread, @TheJhane, @NoraAttal, and @TheAbduls. #RalphLauren #FamilyIsWhoYouLove

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The showcase includes members of French dance company La Marche Bleue from Paris, Musician, producer, and designer Edison Chen and his wife Qin Shu Pei from China, and Native American model Philip Myers and his family from New Mexico.

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