Nourie Flayhan Exclusive Tote Bag for ShopBop

Nourie Flayhan’s Latest Collaboration Should Be Your Next Purchase

The Lebanese artist teams up with Shopbop

Nourie Flayhan Exclusive Tote Bag for ShopBop

International Women’s Day might have come and gone, but celebrating women never ends. To mark the occasion, retail giant Shopbop partnered up with female artists from all over the world to create one-of-kind pieces. 

The region’s very own Nourie Flayhan was selected to take part, designing an exclusive tote to be sold on the platform as part of a collection by female-owned label House of Amma. 

The partnership only makes sense, whilst known for her vibrant, detail-oriented works of art, Flayhan set herself apart by constantly putting spotlight on female Arab narratives. The artist is a frequent advocate for women’s rights, continuously questioning and challenging social norms in the region and in the world. 

“I celebrate all women through telling their stories, giving them platforms to use their voices, being inclusive, pushing for representation and reclaiming our own stories to tell through our own lens,” said Flayhan in a statement.  

“I come from a background where women were not celebrated as much as men; women who didn’t even appear on their own family trees, women who had to stay silent and be submissive. It feels freeing to open conversations, to push for our voices to be heard, the voices of our ancestors, to celebrate them,” she continued. 

Flayhan designed a tote that features an illustration of herself, and includes imagery of traditional garb as well as a cup of Arabic coffee, fig trees and golden jewellery often worn by Arab women. 

20 percent of proceeds from the collection will be donated to TBD, an organization that aims to support women and promote gender equality. 

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