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You Can Now Decorate Your House in Off-White

A look inside Virgil Abloh’s take on bed, bath and ceramics

off white neon

Artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear (and founder of streetwear cult Off-White), Virgil Abloh, has certifiably made home décor cool again.
Although this is his first collection for Off-White, it is not Abloh’s first foray into interiors – earlier this year Abloh collaborated with IKEA, where he teased Persian-style rugs that had the words “STILL LOADING” and ”KEEP OFF” emblazoned on them. 

In an interview with System Magazine, Abloh said of his design work: “I’m trying to communicate with tourists and purists at the same time”. Abloh also created practical and affordable designs for Evian, designing his own sustainable water bottle. However, his homeware designs have also leaned towards the more artistic, having collaborated with Swiss design brand Vitra at Art Basel and created a super cool furniture-based collection ‘Acqua Alta’ at Venice Biennale. 

His debut Off-White collection, simply entitled “HOME”, is a first for the brand, who rarely branch off clothing and sneakers. But the collection shows that homeware can still hold it’s own weight with his growing fanbase.
off white bedding
off white set
The range has debuted with three categories, “BED”, “BATH” and “CERAMICS”. Whilst the concept is simple, with Persian prints, Dutch delftware and dainty Chinese porcelain, there really is something for everyone. “To me, there are certain things that come to mind when you think about a home, or your home. It’s familiar, comfortable. A place for you to relax and maybe entertain”, Abloh said in an interview with
Vogue, “A lot of what I do is taking the familiar and making it new and that’s what we did here.”

The “BED” collection includes a tussled red-knit throw and double bed set, and is complemented by the “BATH” range that includes a towel set and bathrobe. The “CERAMICS” set is the most extensive, consisting of a breakfast and lunch set, with a coffee, glass and cup set, alongside ash and soap trays.

All of the products are giving luxury-IKEA vibes, with sleek materials in off-white colours (naturally), imbued in their minimalist glory, only interrupted by Off-White’s discreet arrow emblem, which is branded on each product. A lesson in living, Abloh pairs simplicity with elegance to create minimal décor devoid of clutter.
off white key
The prices are set to range from $95 to $635. From August 22, the collection can be bought in the Off-White Myknonos store. With the entire “HOME” collection available to buy online form September 1, on the Off-White website and EMPTY gallery in New York.

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