Toulane Essentials UAE

The Organic Skincare Brand You Need To Try Now

Dubai-based brand Toulane Essentials is a step towards healthier skin

Toulane Essentials UAE

Between high-chemical facial products and hormonal imbalances, our skin can get overwhelmed. Dry skin or breaking out in spots is our body’s way of telling us that we need to look after ourselves, and one way of doing that is by altering our beauty routine. When it comes to hair, that could mean changing shampoo, but with skin that usually means try less, or use lighter, organic products that dont make your skin have to work so hard.

Toulane Essentials—an online skin care store run by two Palestinian sisters, selling affordable and organic products—was founded in 2018 by Eman Al-Sharif and her beauty influencer sister Dina Al-Sharif, who often post looks showing how to best use the skincare brand’s products to compliment your makeup.

Toulane Essentials oil
On the brand’s Instagram, other beauty influencers of all skin types also create short tutorials using the products. Their Instagram also features men who use their products, and they have announced they are working on a beard oil in order to encourage men to use their products more. 

All of their products are home recipes that use natural oils that target all skin types and shades, containing zero artificial chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. At their approved laboratory in Dubai, all products are GMP approved and ISO accredited, ensuring that what you are putting on your skin is totally safe. All ingredients are natural and not tested on animals, with ingredients imported from France and Turkey. They dont offer anything drastic or life-changing – just a conditioned and more wholesome approach to your beauty and skincare routine. The brand doesnt aim to change your look, rather, to subtly enhance natural beauty through a healthier lifestyle for the skin.

Their products are all perfect for sensitive skin, and range from serums to soaps, of which there is a range comprised of argan, charcoal, lavender, lemongrass and pomegranate. The soap is applied to the face and body with warm water, and contains a bunch of oils such as olive, coconut, castor seed, sweet almond and then water.

Toulane Essentials soap
Inspired by the sisters use of natural oils at home (their grandparents used Nabulsi soap which is made of olive oil) their products are multifunctional, with the Rose Elixir beauty balm applicable for any dry area including under the eyes for dark circles, nail cuticles and lips.

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