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El Horreya

Catch a Vibe at One of These Establishments in the Region

A guide to where you can crack a cold one open

El Horreya

Although having a sip of the old drink is seen as a big no-no in most countries of the Arab World, the region is still somehow home to some legendary locations. Whilst certain nations have tight restrictions when it comes to drinking, a few iconic places have still managed to become staples.

Here’s a list of our favorite spots if you ever find yourself visiting the region in times to come: 

Horreya Cairo

Horreya, Cairo 

A personal favorite in our books and a real landmark to both locals and expats passing by, Horreya is one of the only floor level bars in Cairo that sees such an eclectic crowd constantly walk in and out of it. Everything from the yellow lights, to the overly chatty Milad, the bartender who’s been serving drinks for a decade now, is iconic. If you ever find yourself wandering through the streets of the city of a thousand minarets, definitely make sure to hit Horreya up. 

British Saloon Fez

British Saloon, Fez 

Only a handful of seconds away from Fez’s emblematic Bab Bouljoud, the British Saloon is the city’s top attraction when it comes to going out. Right on the outskirts of the historical medina, you can grab some delicious Moroccan delicacies to match your refreshing after-work or weekend night out drinks. Ideal at any point during the year, the Saloon brings the London-pub spirit right to your door in a decor you’ll never be able to forget. Birthplace of many goofy nights, this one is a must-visit that you need to make sure to not miss. 

Snow Bar Ramallah

Snowbar, Ramallah

Not many bars can compete with this one. Set in a garden-like decor, you can sit under the shade of some dreamy palm trees while going to enjoy some refreshing homemade recipes. Perfect in the spring and summer season, the setting, which is quite frankly like no other seen so far in the region, puts you in the perfect mindset to sip a beer with a good group of friends and relax under the blazing Palestinian heat. 

Dali Amman

Dali, Amman 

Nestled in Amman’s colorful Weibdeh quarter, Dali is the perfect place to work while enjoying an ice-cold drink. Having an open-air and in-door space, which is ideal for unexpected temperature drops, the concept bar serves everything from traditional Levantine food to local Jordanian beer and it really never misses. Always hitting the spot regardless of the mood you are in, Dali is the warm friendly place to make sure to have on your checklist when around the seven hill city. 

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