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nadine el roubi

All Of Our Favorite Rap Releases From The Region This Month

From exciting comebacks to long-awaited debuts

nadine el roubi

Who thought that one day a niche genre born out of New York’s impoverished suburbs would go on to take over the world? Spreading faster than any epidemic known to man, rap has grown into, or is in the process of becoming (depending on how developed your regional scene is) one of the world’s most listened-to types of music, even thousands of kilometers away from its birthplace.

This month, it feels as if the Arab World’s MCs collectively agreed to drop fire tracks all at the same time, keeping us warm for the cooler weeks ahead.

From long-awaited debuts and exciting comebacks to a slew of culture-making tunes, below, find some of our favorite rap releases, obviously hailing from our dear region, that came out this month. 

Ahmed Santa – Ahmed Santa 

Hoosh – Slow Dance 

Big Murk, Rknddn, Dakn – Gasolina 

Nadine El Roubi – Gravity 

Uglymoss – No Policy

Freek – Samehni 

Don Bigg – L’étranger 

Ouenza – Denbi 


Montiyago – Kalam Kteer

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