Pacifism Streetwear

Pacifism’s Soft Tailoring is Perfect for the Post-Streetwear Age

If you’ve grown out of love with sportswear, this is for you

Pacifism Streetwear

Yes, we have officially reached peak streetwear, but the trend seems to be shifting towards a more grown-up, sophisticated direction.

“Elegance is important to me”, says 26-year-old London-based Saudi designer Talal Hizami. Pacifism—the brand he launched in 2018—is comprised of denim jackets and pants, brushed mohair coats, 80’s-inspired basketball shorts and satin tracksuits. His new collection, entitled ‘Starry Eyed’, is a blend of sports-inspired silhouettes and soft tailoring. 

Pine greens, navy blues, pinks and purples (inspired by the splendour of the Aurora Borealis) make up the collection’s colour palette, inspired by  Hizami’s recent trip to Finland. “It felt like I was in a parallel universe and at one with nature”, he says. “We really do live in a world where our wildest dreams can be our realities”.

Pacifism Streetwear brand Pacifism Streetwear tailoring

With his simplistic collection, Hizami is bringing our fantasies into the real world, thanks to how perfectly his fluid silhouettes easily fit into our multifaceted lives. As he puts it, “People aren’t one dimensional anymore with what they wear”. Although practical sophistication is a strong point in Hizami’s agenda, the young designer is defiantly pushing limits and restrictions. “I am deeply willing to resurrect ideas that I did not have the privilege to experience my self”.

Finding a “balance between function and form” is Hizami’s own summation of his work. His cuts are classic, clean and almost minimal, but they’re anything but basic. 

Finely executed, wearable but not necessarily of the moment, Pacifism’s pieces infuse a sense of utilitarian and imaginative elegance—perfect to wear everyday and look soigné with ease.

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