These Are the Palestinian Brands to Support Now and Forever

Shopping for the right cause


As consumers, it’s never been more important for us to background-check our favourite brands and make sure that our money is contributing to the right cause. And doing that has never been easier, too. 

When it comes to showcasing solidarity with Palestinians, boycotting Israeli products is one way to do it. But there’s no better option than buying Palestinian brands. You won’t be compromising on style either. 

Whether based in Gaza, Ramallah, or Jerusalem, these are the labels you need to keep on your radar.

Meera Adnan

The Palestinian creative is one of the latest designers to stand up for Palestine with her Gaza Fund Relief, a campaign to help provide emergency aid for the victims of the Gaza attacks. Adnan’s eponymous brand is a form of resistance against the illegal occupation of Palestine. From puff sleeved-dresses to oversized blazers, her aesthetic elegantly merges femininity with masculinity.

Trashy Clothing

The brainchild of Palestinian designer Shukri Lawrence, Trashy Clothing has disrupted the regional archetypes of fashion since launching in 2017. Sexy, campy and one-of-its-kind, the queer streetwear label is known for its DIY approach and kitsch aesthetics. Completely bashing Arab stereotypes, the pieces are a reclamation of what ‘trashy’ fashion means in an anti-classicism, anti-homogenization philosophy.

Anat International


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Gaza’s textile industry has been under a blockade for decades and Anat International is determined to breathe new life into it. Focused on preserving Palestinian tatreez, the label creates genderless denim jackets that are hand-embroidered by men and women in Gaza. They aim to push embroidery out of its stereotypical feminine use.

Nöl Collective

Yasmeen Mjalli’s Ramallah-based label is on a mission to fight for justice and freedom in Palestine. Their soft tailoring, minimal silhouettes and clean cuts come in warm shades and are ethically manufactured in the West Bank and Gaza. The equity-centered design collective aims to re-humanize fashion in a world where transparency about the people who make our clothes and the impact those clothes have on the environment is pretty rare.

Mai Zarkawi


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Mai Zarkawi is the young Palestinian jewellery designer to watch. Her raw, organic and asymmetric pieces are perfectly made for the non-conformist and will definitely be your stand-out accessories.

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