This Palestinian Brand is Hosting a Virtual Fashion Week

Say hi to radical politics and cyber-goth couture


The Coronavirus crisis has radically transformed the way we interact, work and ultimately, live. Naturally, for independent designers (who are the underpinnings of the fashion scene in the region), things are particularly challenging. With people not spending on fashion anymore and orders being cancelled everyday, small businesses are becoming severely affected.

But during this period of uncertainty, global young creatives have continued to support each other by launching online initiatives to encourage everyone to come together in solidarity.

The latest (and wildest) one? Cyber Fashion Week—a virtual fashion week initiative by Palestinian fashion brand Trashy Clothing, in a bid to celebrate community spirit. 

Kicking off on May 25, Cyber Fashion Week will bring together via Instagram up-and-coming designers and artists from New York, London, Jerusalem, Tehran, Hong Kong, Sydney, Reykjavik and more. 

From VR runway shows and 3D product presentations to interactive styling and design workshops, this kind of designer-run initiative is a great reminder that art can happen anywhere. 

And because Trashy Clothing loves a good party, everyone will be invited to join Zoom after parties with Berlin’s online techno club Krisen and Sydney’s virtual party Club Immaterial. Palestinian musician Maysa Daw, Tunisian DJ Aida Salander and none other than Pussy Riot and Imkorpo are also on the line-up.

Already excited? Same. Get to know all participating designers below:

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@rainbowyalda sent me this photo an hour ago she did of herself in the #KhayamVersayce tracksuit I made for her. I was amazed to see the way she completely captured the alienating feeling of isolation from the outer world during the pandemic.As well as our presence to nature like an artificial irritation … A misbehaving guest borg that long ago in history was in harmony with nature ,but now are just xeroxes of our past …manufactured and continually manufacturing … well not so much anymore. Yet if you can adapt & bust it like a techno Safavid just arrived from a rainbow yaldaverse like Yalda does beautifully …every day ,you will thrive. Maybe even teach us all how to more than survive 🧿 with nature’s embrace. The way she creates her ig tableaux of artifice are very real ,from the heart with no airs ,making her images singular without trying to be like anything else .( I am also enjoying the glorious storm pouring down in LA as we speak !!!💓) Love this Yalda jan merci ! 🌸😷 🌈 . . Xerox collection available link in bio

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тяαѕну¢ℓσтнιηg ⚔️ нуρєρєα¢є⁣⁣ present яυкнα (’Spirit’ in Aramaic).⁣ ⁣ In collaboration with Palestinian brand @trashyclothing. Featuring sportive warrior-esque inspired pieces, we looked towards the meaning of duality for this collection and portrayed its contrast by using black & white and blue & red colours.⁣ With all things in life, there’s two sides of the story; good vs bad, light vs dark.⁣ Such meanings are depicted in the small prints and embroidery details. The HYPETRASH brand logo is a merger of both brand names, designed in the style of calligraphy and inspired by the Sacred Heart. ⁣ ⁣ Photography: @aliyahotchere ⁣ Lighting: @dhagren⁣ Model: @yarapractice⁣ Hair & Makeup: @carinapennant ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #hypepeace #trashyclothing #hypetrash #rukha #sacredheart #aramaic #spirint

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Corset + Shorts + Pleated Belt + Riding leggings

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