Palestinian Rap Group BLTNM Stars in New Burberry Campaign

From Ramallah to the world


Conversations about contemporary Arab rap, and more specifically Palestinian rap, are not possible without mentioning BLTNM – the independent record label and rap collective making major waves across the region, and now the world.

Creating music out of Ramallah, Shabjdeed, Al Nather and Shabmouri (the collective behind BLTNM) have carved out a unique sound and space of their own, giving a fresh perspective of life in Palestine, challenging the clichés of protest rap.

And their latest move is a slight pivot from their usual low-fi rap imagery: the collective are the new stars of a Burberry campaign, curated by their long-time collaborator Ma3azef, NTS DJ and founder of the platform of the same name.

Following in the footsteps of the recently released Burberry monogram campaign that was shot in the Dubai desert a few weeks ago, the new campaign sees the collective all wearing new signature pieces from the Burberry monogram collection, wandering a sprawling desert oasis backed by a dreamy soundtrack.

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