The Ultimate Guide to Paris’s Best Sandwiches

Meet creative director and self-proclaimed sandwich expert Hirmane Abdoulhakime

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ll know that restaurant options are bountiful in the French capital. But although the city is filled with Michelin stars, it’s not always easy to find the perfect spot for a tasty—but quick—and inexpensive bite.


Thankfully the culinary tide has been changing recently and the meal du jour is now none other than the sandwich. But forget about the typical Parisian sandwich; the city has much more to offer. And French creative director Hirmane Abdoulhakime (and self-proclaimed “Dwitchtorialist”) knows them all.  Kebabs, tacos, burgers and club sandwiches — he has literally devoted his entire Instagram account to his favourite snack.



With Paris Fashion Week kicking off this week, we caught up with him and asked him to share his guide to the most delicious sandwiches in Paris.


Cot Cot


It’s the best fried chicken sandwich in town.


21 rue Gérando 75009


Les Délices d’Amour


It’s the best Parisian kebab (“grec”) you’ll ever find.


3 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019


Hotel Panache

It’s simply the best club sandwich.


1 rue Geoffroy Marie 75009




The #BienRoulé at Petrossian is the best wrap in the whole world.


106 Boulevard de Courcelles 75017


Boulangerie Louvard


It’s literally where you’ll find the best baguette sandwich.


43 rue de miromesnil 75008 Paris


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