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Make Your Days More Peaceful – Follow These Photographers

Run away from anxiety and get lost in these dreamy photos

We millennials and Gen Z spend a lot of time on our phones. About 10 hours a day to be exact.  

Despite the fact that research shows that social media is harming the mental health of young people, it’s ironically become the only thing that is connecting us with each other. 

But more time spent on our phones also means we’re being bombarded with more fake news, conspiracy theories and quite simply having to engage with the stress of rolling news coverage. 

With borders closed and flights cancelled, there’s no better time to use photography as a tool for escapism. It’s time to forget about out daily stresses. We all deserve a mental break. These are the photographers you need to follow to escape from the chaos, now.

Chiara Zonca


Olgaç Bozalp

Laura Hendricks

Nadine Ijewere

Jeroen Peters

Sabb Adams

Sonia Davies

Michael Oliver Love

Lea Colombo

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