An Insider’s Guide to Bali

Dubai-based photographer Dakota gives us the lowdown

Think of beautiful beaches, otherworldly landscapes and mouth-watering food. Now think of Bali – because it’s the island that has it all.  


18-year-old Dubai-based photographer Dakota Brady O’Sullivan moved to Bali in 2014 and attended an alternative learning school, as she was bullied a lot in Dubai. “ I have a very special relationship with Bali and my friends there, when I moved to Bali I got a lot more confident and felt a lot more secure in myself and I honestly think if I never went there I wouldn’t be who I am today. It’s 100 percent my favourite place in the world. If you want to trust a local, stay in Canngu”, she says.


It’s thanks to Bali—also known as The Island of the Gods—that the young photographer began embarking on her photographic career. Her work is mainly inspired by women, and focuses on the female body. “I think one of the most powerful things in photography is making someone feel beautiful and confident”. 



MILLE caught up with Brady O’Sullivan to find out the island’s best spots to eat, drink and chill.


What to do


Head to Uluwatu



Best beach around!


Echo Beach



Sunsets like nowhere else.


Spend a day in Ubud



The monkey forest is a must.


Rent a motorbike 



Just drive around for a day and you’ll find some amazing temples and rice fields. 


Where to eat


Betelnut Café, Canggu



Really good cheesecake and amazing vegan food! Try the Sapi Burger! 





Kembali, Bumbak Dauh



Their waffles are amazing.



Babi Bagus, Kuta Utara



The best Babi Guling (suckling pig) in Bali! 





Milu by Nook, Canngu



Great food and super amazing location – great for IG pictures.





Pit-stop, Kuta Utara


The best 24 hour burger place in Bali.



Kynd Community, Seminyak



A plant-based café you must visit.



The Loft, Canngu


Best vegan food hands down.



Milk & Madu, Canngu



It burnt down earlier this year but it’s definitely one of my favourites, and will be open again later this year!



Sage, Ubud



Best vegan buffalo wings ever.





Nook, Kerobokan, Bali



Nook is surrounded by rice patties and has a great mix of western and Indonesian food. A great breakfast spot. 




Where to go out


La FaVilla 



One of my favourite clubs in Bali. They always have good music. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are the best nights.



Old Mans 


You must go to old mans on a Wednesday. It’s hip-hop night and is always super busy.



Pretty Poison 



Probably the coolest bar in Bali; it has a massive skate bowl in the middle of it.





A “warung” is like a corner store but it always has music playing and people siting outside. You must experience a warung night it at least once.






Jenja is one if the fancier clubs in Bali but its super fun. Go on Wednesday before 11pm and get in for free!

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