Dreamy Landscapes That’ll Make You Question What’s Real

The Himalayas like you’ve never seen them before

25-year-old Italian photographer Pietro Pasolini is on a mission to toy with perception and make us question what is real and what isn’t. “It has become a common belief that reality is made up exclusively of what can be felt, seen or heard.” He says, “We undermined the importance of relativity and so we’ve unwittingly chosen to think of colours as factual reality. But what if this perception was all an illusion?” he says, philosophising on his Still Life photography series.



Pasolini’s love of photography grew whilst travelling. “I spent two years roaming around Asia, documenting the lives of communities on the verge of extinction. Then, I realised I was lacking expertise, so I decided to take a Masters in photography, and by being exposed to various artists, my work became more conceptual”.



This collection of photographs was shot using a combination of analog film rolls and digital sensors that react to infrared (IR) light. Infrared light is electromagnetic radiation that’s invisible by the human eye. “The colours we see are simply an interpretation that our retina is giving to light reflecting from a determinate object,” says Pasolini.



“I always travel with a specific project in mind. My work demonstrates a very personal way of seeing the world – the personal dimension is essential to me. I believe people should be able to recognize your work without your name being revealed”.


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