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The POC Fashion Photographers That Need to Be on Your Radar

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POC Fashion

It’s always about the details when it comes to photography. It’s about keeping an eye on the elements that make a difference. The subtleties that show you that the person behind the lens knows how to photograph dark skin instead of washing it out, for example. 

As we strive towards a world where everyone finds themselves represented across industries, it’s important to look beyond the surface. In the realm of fashion, representation should go beyond the faces fronting magazines and editorials and put some focus on the ones photographing them too.  

For that reason, we decided to round up a non-exhaustive list of POC photographers that know exactly what they’re doing. 

Rafael Pavarotti


The Brazilian-born photographer has, despite his young age, already worked with some of the world’s most established institutions and brands. Dior, Vogue, I-d, you name it; his shots have travelled across all five continents and for the right reason. Pavarotti is an activist who cares. Passionate about putting the spotlight on the ones who’ve never had the chance to be on the industry’s main stage, the 29-year-old photographer claims that “much of what (he does) today is for the next generations to come, and those who are not yet born” by tackling the imbalance of Black representation in fashion. Needless to say that that’s something that we rate. 

Misan Harriman 


If there’s one name to remember, it might definitely be his. Misan Harriman can be credited for being the first black man to shoot a cover of British Vogue in the magazine’s century-long history. Born in his native Nigeria, Misan is a self-taught creative that is also known for being one of the most widely shared photographers of the Black Lives Matter movement. Needless to say, the moment his hands reach to click the camera, the photos almost instantly become iconic. 

Tyler Mitchell 


At just 26, Tyler Mitchell’s list of accomplishments is one to be lauded. The Brooklyn-based photographer is known for having shot Beyonce for Vogue’s front cover in September 2019 at just 23-years-old. Tyler’s portfolio might give you the impression that he’s an industry veteran, but he’s only taken up photography since 2014. Very promising and carrying the next generation of photographers on his shoulders, Mitchell’s name is surely one that won’t need any introductions in the next few years. 

Mous Lamrabat


The Belgium-based Moroccan photographer has worked with more brands and models than we can count at this point. The autodidact is globally recognised for the blend of cultures that transpires through his work. It has, by now, become his signature through the years. When swiping through the myriad of photos on his vibrant Instagram profile, you’ll notice how he bridges both places he can call home by incorporating Western elements in ultra-Arab settings. Authentic and always keen on innovating, Lamrabat is the creative to make sure to keep on speed dial. 

Karim Sadli


Add Karim Sadli to your list of photographers to look up to. The Paris-based photographer proudly boasts a rich list of luxury labels that have called on his sixth sense to shoot their campaigns. Chanel, Hermès and Givenchy are some of the institutions that have made use of Sadli’s undeniable talent. Known for his portraits as much as his fashion editorials, his photography has us all hooked.

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