polo ralph lauren jeddah

Polo Ralph Lauren Goes on a Poetic Journey Through Jeddah

Watch Ali Cha’aban take an intimate ride across the city

polo ralph lauren jeddah

“Jeddah ghair”, locals say. Born and raised in Jeddah, 21-year-old photographer and director Taha Bageel has a knack for capturing the city’s indescribable magic. 

In celebration of their Polo Sport collection, MILLE joins Polo Ralph Lauren to take a trip through the Saudi Arabian city’s hidden corners through the eyes of its natives. Bageel’s documentation of his hometown oozes the serene ambiance of Jeddah— a city fuelled by creative power.

RL x mille Ali-Cha’aban-poloTo see it in action, the director follows Jeddah-based artist Ali Cha’aban as he takes a day-long ride across the city, documenting its many facets, rarely-seen settings, down to Cha’aban’s mundane everyday moments. 

Jeddah’s people are what makes it so special for me”, says Cha’aban.

Ali-Cha’aban-RL Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Ali-Cha’abanNarrated by Bageel himself, the film invites its viewer to feel Jeddah just as he sees it. With an authenticity that is rarely captured, he creates an enthralling and honest portrait of everyday life in Jeddah, creating a narrative of his own. The result is a powerful look into a city in evolution, home to the country’s creative next-gen.

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