Polo Ralph Lauren Dubai 2 (1)

Polo Ralph Lauren Pays Homage to Dubai

The Bukhash Brothers make a unique tribute to their city

Polo Ralph Lauren Dubai 2 (1)

MILLE joins Polo Ralph Lauren in celebration of UAE’s National Day by taking a day trip around the city with Emirati creative entrepreneurs, the Bukhash Brothers. 

The video shows Anas and Harith Bukhash discuss their love for Dubai – a constantly evolving metropolis, brimming with creativity. In recent years, the city has become the pinnacle of culture in the region.

Polo Ralph Lauren DubaiBy following the brothers hanging out at their favourite spots (with each place holding a number of significant childhood memories for the duo), the video itself is a celebration of life in Dubai and its unique energy.

By the beach, playing basketball or walking the streets of their neighbourhood, the film shines a light on the unique juxtaposition of the city’s old and new aspects, as well as a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs, who each epitomise the city’s vibrant spirit.

Polo Ralph Lauren Dubai

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