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Preview of the Air Jordan Back to School Collection

Don C And Russell Westbrook Reinvent Nike’s Iconic Shoe

Air Jordans are undeniably one of Nike’s most iconic shoes. Not only did the brand define an entire generation but since its creation in 1984, the shoe broke out of the basketball court and on to the streets.


The brand has used a series of ongoing collaborations to constantly evolve and reinvent the iconic shoes. During Paris Fashion Week Mens, the brand presented their latest collaboration with streetwear icon Don C, basketball superstar Russell Westbrook a.k.a “The King of Fashion” and Lorde co-signed singer Billie Eilish.



Chicago streetwear legend Don C is considered by some to have the best job in the industry: designing Nike’s emblematic sneakers. The collections he has created for Nike have always displayed a certain avant-garde edge, like his 2015 shoe, which was embellished with refined blue quilting. This time around, Don C partnered up with Nike to create a collection honouring both his native Chicago, and the brand’s history in a series of designs that combine modernity with tradition.


As one of the most renowned basketball players of his generation (and holder of the very coveted MVP title) Russell Westbrook has become a brand new member of the Jordan family. Like Michael Jordan in his time, he presented a collection that’s as wearable in the city as it is on the court.


17-year-old singer Billie Ellish was recently announced as a brand ambassador for Nike Air Jordan, a move that will have the young artist pave the way for a whole new generation of Nike-addicts.


Take sneak peak of the 2018 Fall collection.




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