This Private Island in the Maldives is Perfect for Eid

The ultimate post-ramadan getaway

Not to take away from the holiness of Eid Al Fitr, but if we’re being honest, most of us just can’t wait to finally be able to stuff our faces all day long. And if we’re going to keep it really real, hopping around from one relative’s place to another’s just gets in the way.


One way to map out your own food intake and simultaneously evade your noisy family members is to book a weekend getaway where you’ll be able to peacefully celebrate the holy day.



And since what you’re looking for is a real sense of seclusion, the private island resort of Baros in the Maldives is the perfect place to stay. For this year’s Eid weekend, the resort is hosting an experience full of Arab traditions, with traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and shisha bars.



You’ll be able to get a taste of the Island’s local culture too — with their leafy coconut palms and sandy trails. If you’re particularly into fish, coconuts and rice, you’ll enjoy the traditional Baros cuisine as it’s based on these three key ingredients. The island is also known for its underwater life—so be sure to book a snorkeling excursion or even take a scuba diving lesson while you’re there.


Baros Beach Villa –3670 AED / 999 USD per night.


Baros Overwater Villa with private pool – 5506  AED / 1499 USD per night.

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