PSG Gets Suited Up in Dior

The football club and fashion house ink a two-year deal


If the Qatari-owned club of Paris Saint Germain has been focussing on signing some of the world’s best players this summer, it is also safe to say that they have been providing them some of the industry’s best fits.

French fashion house Christian Dior has taken it to social media to reveal the surprising 2-year collaboration between them and the football club through a chic and elegant photoshoot with some of the team’s superstars including Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, Spanish defender Sergio Ramos as well as the world’s most expensive player and star boy Brazilian Neymar JR.



Under the supervision of the Kim Jones, who is the Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, the French club follows through its ambitious aim of wanting to be recognised amongst the greatest may it be on or off the pitch.

If the club seems quite concerned and stressed over being able to put their hands on the very much coveted Champions League trophy, they’ll at least be able to say that they are well dressed. Blending casual and formal silhouettes together, the club’s new wardrobe will be tainted in black and navy-blue shades, colours that are almost eponymous of the French capital’s crest. 


Giving birth to a special dedicated line of Harrington jackets, knitted sweaters, polo shirts or even cashmere coats all patched with an embroidered “Paris Saint Germain” label, the French luxury brand is celebrating its first collaboration with a sports team like no other and that we’re all so impatient to see worn by the players in real life. 

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