PUMA King Deco

PUMA Celebrates Amman-Based Artist King Deco in New Film

The sportswear giant continues to spotlight fearless Arab women

PUMA King Deco

PUMA and MILLE continue spotlighting fearless Arab women in ‘Washed Ashore’. In its third episode, the series dives into the world of Palestinian-Jordanian singer Dana Salah, also known as King Deco.

The four-part film (which has put a spotlight on Kuwait-based artist Aidha Badr and Lebanese actress Reem Khoury), is directed by Lebanese filmmaker Mohammed Abdouni, who has shot for brands like Gucci and Burberry in the past.

King Deco is a passionate Amman-born singer and songwriter who studied at North Carolina’s Duke University but still draws inspiration from her native country. “It wasn’t until I moved back to Jordan about a year ago that I realized most of my identity came from my heritage,” says the singer, “my goal is to integrate that aspect of myself into my music in a seamless and authentic way.”

PUMA King Deco PUMA milleHaving recently dropped her first music video for ‘Castway, King Deco is no stranger to the camera and relished the opportunity to star in Washed Ashore, where she’s seen wearing the PUMA CALI Remix. “I loved doing the underwater shots even though it wasn’t the most comfortable at times,” she affirms. 

“I’m actually incredibly excited about my next single. It’s a mix of Arabic, English and Spanish,” she says, “I can’t say much else, but my hope is that people love and connect to it as much as I do.”

PUMA campaign MEPUMA X MILLEPUMA King Deco SneakersKeep an eye out to see who will star in the fourth and final part of ‘Washed Ashore’. 

Words by Thais Kelly

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