The Wildest Quarantine Stories Are Being Immortalised On This IG

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Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be stuck in a tiny apartment with your ex for an undetermined amount of time? Or your annoying in-laws? Or an irresponsible roommate? Whether trivial or terrifying, these quarantine scenarios are all equally funny— and they have become a reality for many across the world. 

Bored and curious to hear people’s dramatic quarantine gossip? Then head to @thesocialdistanceproject, the Instagram account compiling the best everyday life drama of co-quarantining. Giggles are guaranteed, and most importantly you’ll be reminded that you’re not alone in this.

It all started out as a joke on Twitter for Meg Zukin, a writer and social media editor at Variety, who wrote in a post: “if u live with a significant other and think all the co-quarantining will cause u to break up, email me at megzukin at gmail dot com. i’m not writing a story im just messy and love drama.” But as she quickly received hundreds of replies, Zukin thought she had to turn her random twitter request into something much bigger, and useful.

With permission, she brought all the stories together anonymously into one Google document and requested a $1 donation in exchange for the link. After raising over $5,000, she turned the Google doc into a public website, and Instagram account (which now counts more than 25k followers), which has now raised almost $10,000 for food banks, housing support and Covid-19 relief.

So if you’re stuck at home and are experiencing days when you simply can’t get along with the people around you, it’s time to share your stories with the world. This could be your one chance to entertain people and save lives by spilling the tea. Seize it.

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