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10 Things That Will Be Different This Ramadan

Our first-ever remote Ramadan…

Mecca empty

The holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, is marked by togetherness. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s edition will be like no other. Curfews are restricting our movements, large gatherings are dangerous, and Mecca, Islam’s holy site is on complete lockdown

With the virus showing no signs of slowing down, and a vaccine months away—we already know that the next month will play out very different to any other Ramadan before. 

Trying to retain the essence of Ramadan in the face of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing is going to be difficult, but it won’t be impossible. We’ve got a lot of adapting to do though. 

Whether you’re living in the region or abroad, these are the ways Ramadan will be different this year. 

You can’t invite relatives or friends to your home to break fast together. 

No post-iftar hangouts with your friends over a cup of tea or coffee. 

You can’t attend Taraweeh. 

FaceTime or Zoom Iftar and Suhoor parties are guaranteed to be a thing. 

No Ramadan tents for you to visit. 

The streets will be completely empty every night upon curfew, no music, no sitting around and people-watching. 

Charity will take on a new meaning this year.

Purchasing Eid clothes is unlikely to happen. 

We will likely celebrate Eid via Zoom

We’ll actually have plenty of time to self-reflect.

Photo: @ilmfeed

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