6 Things We Should All Continue Doing After Ramadan

Lessons for a happier, healthier life

Traditionally, with the Holy month of Ramadan coming to an end, Muslims around the world tend to slip back into their usual routines. But with the idea of “going back to normal” out of the picture, this year gives us a great opportunity to change our behaviours for the better. 

Ramadan is much more than fasting. It’s about slowing down, reflecting, reconnecting with our community and giving back. So as we’re adjusting to the profound changes caused by Coronavirus, the philosophy of Ramadan could be what we all need to try and find a light at the end of the tunnel.

Want to (finally) be the change you want to see in this world? There are many things you can take from Ramadan. Here are 10 things we should keep doing even though Ramadan is over. 

Live a slower life
Ramadan is a glimpse of what a less hurried life looks like, unbound by the pressure of capitalism. It’s still unclear what world will emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, but it’s up to us to look for ways to help decide. It’s time to ditch the rush and speed of modern life, and live in a more contemplative, intentional way.

Practice personal reflection
This Ramadan was lonelier than previous ones. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This year, it was all about the restoration of the self through solitude. And this should be an on-going part of everyone’s life. Use quiet, calm moments to constantly question what’s really important for you.

Focus on acts of kindness
Donating money and caring for others is just as important as fasting during Ramadan. Personal reflection isn’t selfish—this is how we find collective care. Now more than ever, we need to continue practicing solidarity (whether it’s volunteering for a charity, recycling or being a better neighbour), because it is the core of a vibrant, positive and healthy society. Our future depends on it.

Build a new routine
During Ramadan, fasting Muslims tend to break their usual routine. And that means new habits emerge. Whether it’s cooking, exercising or reading—building new, healthy habits, is something you should keep doing.

Achieve work-life balance
Capitalism pressures us in to needing to “have it all”. We work longer hours and women in particular, work a second shift once they get home. Many of us end up exhausted, failing both at work and at home. Through fasting, praying and acts of charity, Ramadan is a reminder that there’s so much more in life than your office and personal worries. This is great if you want to live a more tranquil life and only hold onto the things that truly matter.

Practice intermittent fasting
Fasting doesn’t just assist us in losing weight; there are also great health benefits tied to it. Why stop now?

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