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An Insider’s Guide to Ramallah

The city’s youth give us the lowdown on where to hang

With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the centre of strained international debates, most tourists have sadly avoided visiting the region. While Tel-Aviv has nonetheless become a popular destination among Western holiday-makers, Palestinian territories have unfairly been wiped off the map. Things might change though – Ramallah is definitely having a moment.


Visit the West Bank’s cultural capital and discover its incredible history, thriving culture, resilient artists, passionate people and delicious cuisine and you’ll instantly understand why it’s worth going out your way to spend some time in this buzzing city.


Although traditionalism remains, at its core, Ramallah is a cosmopolitan and lively city, emboldened by a burgeoning young creative scene. And thanks to Boiler Room, the underground scene was put on the spotlight last Summer, as the platform hosted their first show in Ramallah, featuring female techno DJ Sama, amongst many other local pioneering young artists.



MILLE caught up with some young locals to round up their favourite spots to eat, drink and hang out in Ramallah.


Best place for breakfast


Station 101

Start off your day with good vibes at Station 101, where cheery waiters will make you feel at home. Whether you go for pancakes or a Middle Eastern breakfast with an omelette, pickled eggplant and halloumi, breakfast will be a delight.




Best place for lunch



Middle Eastern cuisine is made for sharing. So if you’re feeling both hungry and generous, head to Zarour, sit back and enjoy the abundance of mouth-watering mezzes, from hummus to stuffed-vine leaves – you’ll definitely leave feeling full! Grilled meat is a speciality.




Best place to drink



This family-friendly outdoor space is open from May until end of September. Perfect at any time of the day, unwind in this pleasant, laid-back environment, unapologetically sipping a drink or smoking shisha. The food is also really good.




Best place to hang


Garage Coffee Shop & Bar

This restaurant-café-bar-shop hybrid is probably Ramallah’s most welcoming spot. Come in the afternoon for tea and a game of chess. You’ll leave with new friends.




Best place to shop


Al Mostawdaa’

While Ramallah isn’t famed for being a shopping destination, Al Mostawdaa’ is a hidden gem selling an exquisite selection of vintage clothes and accessories.


Photography by Adlan Mansri

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