Amazon and Ramy Yousef

Ramy Youssef Teams Up with Amazon for a New Series

They just sealed the deal

Amazon and Ramy Yousef

Golden Globe-winning actor and screenwriter Ramy Youssef has just inked a deal with Amazon to produce a new animated series in which he is set to appear. 

The American-born actor’s production company, Cairo Cowboy, was commissioned for two seasons that will follow an early 2000s Muslim-American family as they navigate through racism and Islamophobia in the US in a “time of fear, war, and the rapid expansion of the boy-band industrial complex”.

“Amazon Studios has committed to making a show with me that I never could have dreamed of getting made, let alone explore for two seasons. Anchored by Pam Brady and Mona Chalabi, we’ve brought together a special group of experienced and first-time writers to make something that I hope will be a genuine contribution to the animated space, and television. I’m excited and grateful to explore making more weird sh*t with Amazon Studios through this partnership, inshallah.” Youssef said in a statement.

The cast and name of the series are yet to be revealed although we know that Youssef will be co-creating the show and joining forces with US writer and TV producer Pam Brady. British-Iraqi journalist and illustrator Mona Chalabi will also be producing the comedy which will surely shape the animation style in a unique way. 

Following the success of his industry-acclaimed eponymous TV series “Ramy” released back in 2019, this new venture does not only sound promising but also pledges to bring more representation of Muslims onto the global stage and mass-media.

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