Reem Falaknaz Captures the Perpetual Movement of the Mountains

This Emirati photographer adds a human element to landscapes

33-year-old Emirati photographer Reem Falaknaz has a rare documentarian talent. Finding stories that have a deeply humanistic element to them that are beyond sensationalist news stories, Falaknaz simply wants to tell stories about her country. With her series The Place of Perpetual Undulation, she soulfully but thoughtfully gives a voice to the shifting landscapes of the Ras Al Khaimah valleys.

Falaknaz started taking pictures on lomography cameras in her late teens. As her interest in photography continued to grow, she started documenting the hidden facets of her country while she was working in television production. “I had access to multiple communities across the territory”, she recalls. But back then, she didn’t have enough time to create a deep and personal commentary about what she saw. Inspired by her sincere and inherently selfless approach, she took some time off to explore undocumented but compelling subtle narratives. From 2013 to 2015, she created her The Place of Perpetual Undulation series, which was accepted in AFAC’s Arab Documentary Photography Program.

Falaknaz’s practice is defined by her own engaged and understanding viewpoint. Each photo is a reflection of her patient eye. Despite the stillness of her pictures, her series manages to express the constant interactions between the mountains and their environment.

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