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Relive Game of Thrones and Visit These Iconic Locations

From Iceland to Morocco, these are a must for every GOT fan

Westeros might be home to the fictional lands where your favourite characters lived and died, but the dramatic backdrops they walked through are anything but over.

With HBO shelling out an average of $15 million per episode (yes per episode, according to Variety), the seven kingdoms—home to the regal Water Gardens of Dorne and the dreary, snowy Northern lands of Winterfell and the arid climate of the Iron Islands—might seem otherworldly, but they’re actually very real.

After eight seasons of what might be TV’s most emotionally turbulent series, you might be grieving the show’s end, but rather than sitting through endless fan videos on YouTube to try and navigate the complexities of your feelings, dedicate your summer to travelling through every picturesque landscape from the Emmy-nominated series.

From the green lands of Northern Ireland to the ancient forts of Morocco, we give you the ultimate guide to Game of Thrones’ most iconic locations.

Ait Ben Haddou, MoroccoIf you’re looking for some hot weather, look no further than Westero’s southern points. Naturally they were filmed in Morocco and more specifically at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou in the Atlas Mountains.

The Dark Hedges, North IrelandThis road, with its arching, twisted beech tree branches has always been a go-to spot for curious tourists visiting Northern Ireland—so it’s no surprise that it would eventually end up on  the biggest show of the decade.

Castillo de Zafra, Guadalajara, SpainA visit to Spain is always a good idea, and although you might not instinctively want to visit the province of Guadalajara, the GOT fan in you will regret not taking a drive down to the stunning 12th century Castle of Zafra, home to Dorne’s Tower of Joy.

Svínafellsjökull, IcelandThe land Beyond the Wall might have been inaccessible, but all it takes to visit the breathtaking glaciers of Vatnajökull (Iceland’s largest ice cap) IRL is a short drive.  

Dubrovnik, CroatiaHome to King’s Landing, Dubrovnik has been a prominent filming location for Game of Thrones since its second season, so needless to say, a visit is a must.

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