5 Best Fine-Dining Restaurants to Try in Dubai

And they do home delivery!

Any culinary connoisseur can attest to the richness of Dubai’s restaurant scene. Much of it unfortunately took a major hit this year due to the pandemic though. To survive the slew of unexpected lockdowns, even the finest of Dubai restaurants have shifted to more COVID-friendly delivery options.  

But now, six months in, COVID-19 restrictions have finally been eased, and things are looking up. Some of our favourite eateries re-opened their doors, with safety measures in place, of course. 

Under directives from the Ministry of Health, restaurants are now able to seat at a full capacity. Social distancing is still a must, a two-meter distance must be placed between all tables. 

Understandably for some people though, even with such measures, dining out is still too much of a risk; especially as coronavirus numbers surge once again. The good news is delivery options are now endless, so you can enjoy your favourite meals from the comfort of your own home. 

Wondering where to grab your next bite? Try one of these restaurants

COYA Dubai


As coronavirus began wreaking havoc in Dubai, COYA immediately launched their new delivery service, with a delivery menu offering up their mouth-watering Peruvian classic dishes. The restaurant is also open for dine-in. 

Samad Al Iraqi

Ever wanted to explore traditional Iraqi cuisine? Samad is the place to go. Situated in Jumeirah’s Beach Park Centre, the restaurant is best known for keeping up with the ancient Iraqi grilling method: maksouf, that dates back to the Sumerian and Babylonian ages. Be sure to try their Shabout and Katan and Bunni. 



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Happiness is….. a few beautiful pieces of Salmon Nigiri.

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Founded in 2016 and situated in Jumeirah’s Fishing Harbor is a must-try. Specialized in contemporary Asian cuisine, 3 Fils is best known for their signature Otoro nigiri, made with foie gras and a touch of sudachi lime zest.  



Since opening its doors in DIFC, the iconic NYC institution quickly became one of Dubai’s hot-spots. Whether for lunch, dinner, or a late-night delivery, you’re going to want to try the wide array of French and Vietnamese-inspired dishes. To start off, give their Spicy Squid Salad or Vietnamese Ravioli a go. 

LPM, La Petite Mainson Dubai


Craving the best southern French cuisine Dubai has to offer? LPM is where it’s at. Situated at the heart of DIFC, it’s the perfect spot for a quick lunch. Not to worry though, you can get your taste of the Mediterranean anytime and anywhere. The restaurant recently launched a delivery service.

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