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Rimowa Goes on a Tour Around the Globe with their Latest Exhibition

Pack your suitcases, we’re about to take off !

German luggage manufacturer Rimowa has just landed in the radiant City of Lights, Paris, to present its “As Seen By” series, a visual celebration of the company’s legacy through art.

Introduced long before the pandemic, the installation, set in the heart of Le Marais, was at first designed to heighten and champion creative work. Over time,  it has strayed a little away from its initial meaning however, following the consecutive waves of lockdown.  

Open to the public and curated by Rimowa itself while working hand in hand with art collective The Community, both have been commissioning works borne instead out of the raw materials used to craft RIMOWA’s iconic famed suitcases.

Showcasing the infinite amount of creativity the fine selection of artists have to offer, the expo grants the recognized brand with an elevated aura and perspective through this diverse collection. 

Selected for their craftsmanship as well as for their unique visual expression, each artist created a singularly distinctive sculpture that are however all still united through the shared sets of material used all throughout the process of craft. 

Alongside the exhibition, visitors will also be able to discover Rimowa latest collections in avant première with exclusive products being displayed such as the Essential Lite Cabin XS – Rimowa lightest suitcase ever or also the Original Cabin Moon, a special- edition suitcase with an aluminum shell that’s been reimagined to mimic the surface of the moon. 

Once “As Seen By” closes in Paris, the exhibition will tour the world, with local artists featured at each and every destination along the way and will mark its last stop in Berlin.

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