7 Destinations You Can Safely Visit This Summer

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We’re already mid-way through March, and by the looks of things, summer holidays are looking quite bleak, yet again. Despite vaccine rollouts across the globe, travel restrictions are seemingly becoming stricter every day.

Understandably, after a year of lockdowns, you might still be itching for a getaway. There’s a way to make it happen, albeit it will require quite a bit of planning. But as it stands, there’s a slew of countries that may just be safe to visit for a low-risk holiday. 

Just bear in mind that the only safe way to travel is to quarantine for before and after each trip, take multiple COVID tests, wear a mask, and stick to social distancing every step of the way.

Here, we’ve rounded up the dreamy destinations that might just be worth the effort. 


GrenadaGrenada’s view of colorful Georgian era buildings overlooking the narrow Carenage Harbour is absolutely dreamy. If you’re looking for some fun head to Grand Anse Beach for the best bars and resorts in the Caribbean country. Dubbed the ‘Spice Isle’, the island is bursting with an array of spices, famously nutmeg and others including cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and saffron. So, when it comes to food, it’s anything but bland.


AnguillaWith around 33 perfect white powdery sand beaches, Anguilla is a little corner of paradise. The Eastern Caribbean island is not short of adventures, from kite surfing and scuba diving to underground cave visits.


If you’re looking for something that looks and feels surreal, Iceland is the answer. With gigantic glaciers, towering mountains, mind-blowing waterfalls, lava caves and volcanic lakes, Iceland is like nowhere else on Earth. Plan a road trip and skip the Golden Circle to the Arctic Coast Way to visit the lesser-seen sides of the nation.


BermudaIf escapism is your word, then Bermuda is your ultimate getaway destination. With stunning pink hued beaches, turquoise waters, and pastel-drenched architecture, the island will bring color back into your life. 


LiechtensteinYou might’ve already crossed Europe off your list due to lockdowns but Liechtenstein might change your mind. Set between Austria and Switzerland, the nation is full of medieval castles and alpine landscapes. Take a trail ride through the tiny villages or if you’re a modern and contemporary art lover, make sure to stop by the capital Vaduz’s Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein galleries.


BelizeBetween the Americas, Belize might just be the safest place to visit there. Whether you’re looking for adventure or simply sunny beaches, the coastal nation has Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west. The jungle areas are home to Mayan ruins like archeological site Caracol, renowned for its towering pyramid Lamanai.


MonacoLive out your Monte Carlo fantasies with a trip to the microstate of Monaco. Enjoy the picturesque French Riviera, sunbathe at Larvotto Beachthe or spend your weekend watching the Monaco Grand Prix from the harbour.

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