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Algerian Filmmaker Sarra Ryma Goes on a Retro Trip with Air Kasbah

Welcome on board

Fasten your seatbelts, Air Kasbah is flying you out back home! Directed by Algerian filmmaker Sarra Ryma, the minute and a half video feels like a retro-kitsch ode to the 1970s, drawing inspiration from present-day Algeria, its markets, counterfeit goods and overall pop culture. 

“I then imagined and fantasized a flight on a fictitious company, like a group of friends who had created a fake plane. An assumed kitsch decor, in homage to the Egyptian films of the 70s,” Ryma commented in a statement. 

As 2020 had planes all across the world grounded to the floor, the feeling of ghorba and homesickness has definitely taken over many of us as it has been almost impossible to make our ways back to l’bled. We’ve missed it and so has the team behind Air Kasbah. 


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Looking back with nostalgia at the lengthy “lines before boarding, the too familiar stewardesses, the captain doing stand-up comedy [and] the mamas with their many Tati bags”; we can all recognise some funny features and wistful elements from our childhoods and past summer excursions back to the country.

The rustique clip is infatuated with references to the golden age of Egyptian cinema and blends high-end brands with classic sportswear labels to give birth to a unique cocktail of style that we all somehow recognise – honestly, who hasn’t seen these kinds of combos along the streets of North Africa? 

In collaboration with designer Kenza Taleb Vandeput, creator of the up-cycling Kasbah Kosmic label, the short movie invites you to embark on the nostalgia of exile by exploring some of the cultural codes we are dearly missing. 

From the fits, looks and aura of the film, the conceptual project encapsulates what we’d all like to relive in the times to come: a trip back home. 

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