Saudi Arabia Just Opened its First Nightclub

Could this mark the end of conservatism?

When it comes to nightlife in the region, Saudi Arabia is probably the last place to come to mind. But the ultra-conservative Kingdom is shaking things up, with the announcement of a nightclub that’s due to open in its cultural capital, Jeddah.

Dubai-based club, White, just announced the opening of its first Saudi location on the coast of the city. Before you get too excited, pertaining to laws and regulations, no you won’t be able to pop bottles. Alcohol is still strictly banned in Saudi Arabia, but it will be mixed-gender.

It’s probably best to think of it as more of a lounge situation, complete with a halal bar. Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind Hospitality Group, which owns the White brand, described the establishment as a “high-end café and lounge”.

To kick off the opening, ‘Miss Independent’ singer Ne-Yo was scheduled to perform, but the show was cancelled due to technical issues, according to a statement.

The news only added fuel to the Twitter frenzy surrounding the club opening, with users sharing their mixed reactions to the club opening.

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