Saudi Activist Muna AbuSulayman Joins Gucci’s Diversity Board

A step towards Arab representation


2019 saw the appointment of Gucci’s first ever diversity and inclusion officer, Renée Tirado. The move came months after the Italian fashion house received backlash for a series of racially insensitive releases, particularly a black knitted turtleneck balaclava with red cut-out lips that was reminiscent of racist blackface imagery

The fashion house quickly took steps, pulled the sweater from its stores and vowed to change its creative and business practices in a way that champions diversity. Soon after, the company announced its ‘Gucci Changemakers’ programme, which included a multi-cultural design scholarship program to be implemented in fashion schools across the world. 

And Gucci’s efforts to champion diversity across the globe haven’t stopped. The company has announced that Saudi entrepreneur and activist Muna AbuSulayman has joined their Global Equity Board, which works to make diversity a top priority for the company. 

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سعيدة بإنضمامي لمجلس ادارة شركة جوتشي العالمية للمسؤولية الاجتماعية… Delighted to announce joining the Gucci Global Equity Board .. The work that Gucci has done to increase diversity and allow each individual to contribute and thrive in a welcoming environment has been impressive. They are truly committed to their mission and their corporate social responsibility to use all their resources to lead by example in all aspects of their operations. They walk the walk from the top management to the all reaches of their organization all over the world. My relationship with Gucci started many years ago as a member of the advisory board for @chimeforchange, an organization that is founded and supported by Gucci, which has helped move the needle on female empowerment and gender parity.

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“Delighted to announce that I am joining Gucci Global Equity Board,” Abu Sulayman wrote in a statement. “Gucci has done remarkable work to ensure and empower diversity in all dimensions, visible or not. Their mission is to create a sense of belonging where each individual is valued and able to contribute and thrive.”

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