Saudi Rapper Skinny

Refractory Saudi Rapper Skinny Teams Up with Swizz Beats for His Latest Track

Executively produced by Swizz Beatz

Saudi Rapper Skinny

It had been a little over two years since the Saudi-born rapper Skinny’s last music video. But that period of drought is now over as the 35-year-old MC is now finally back serving us with refreshing yet bold visuals to accompany one of his latest songs. 

Skinny had his first brush with going viral online in 2019 with his track “Never Snitch”. From TikTok and IG to Twitter, the super catchy chorus made rounds all over social media,  and quite frankly, this new one might just follow in its footsteps.

Titled “Saudi’s Most Wanted”, the hard-hitting three-minute-long video shows the up-and-coming artist flaunting his risky status and lavish lifestyle in front of a panning camera. Coated in golden chains and traditional thobes, the rapper literally personifies his contrasted life torn between two countries and cultures through a punchy video. Officers are portrayed as pigs aiming at Skinny’s crew in a set saturated in references to Saudi Arabia, one of the places he calls home. 

Produced by the one and only Swizz Beatz, the producer also teased the arrival of an album coming soon through a post announcing his involvement in Skinny’s latest venture. Having garnered an impressive half a million views in a little under 10 days, the music video was extremely well received by listeners online with a wave of compliments flooding through the comment section of the promising artist’s video.

The Saudi-American rapper has been on a spectacular rise in the past couple of years. Followed by 330K aficionados, Skinny’s success likely has to do with a sound an aesthetic that’s from anything one could expect hailing out of the formerly ultra-conservative Kingdom. 

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