TamTam Romantic Encounter

Arabian Alien Filmmakers Join Forces With Tamtam on Surreal Saudi Music Video

TamTam Romantic Encounter

‘Arabian Alien’, the short film by Saudi actor and director Meshal Aljaser, made major headlines upon its release last year. Starring none other than comedian Mohammed Alhamdan—better known as Warchieff—the film made its way from Saudi Arabia to Sundance Film Festival, marking a huge milestone for Aljaser.

Following the film’s international debut, Aljaser reverted back to his roots, teaming up with Los Angeles-based Saudi singer TamTam on a new music video entitled ‘Romantic Encounter’. And it’s a must-see.  

Starring Warchieff and Saudi actress Sayda Word, the music video gives a glimpse into the world Aljaser created in his romantic sci-fi film ‘Arabian Alien’. And yes, it’s as surrealistic as you think. Produced by musician 90sflav, accompanied by TamTam’s soothing vocals as the soundtrack, Warchieff is plays an alien who goes on a romantic stroll with Word through an otherworldly iteration of their native city, Riyadh—complete with flower fields and the iconic Center Point building. 

Whilst it might seem like a step in a new direction for the director, this new music video actually takes us back to his early days, when Aljaser published music videos of his own on YouTube, a move that ultimately lead to a partnership with Saudi digital studio Telfaz11, which catapulted him into popularity with his video work going on to garner millions of views at a time.

And this also isn’t the first time TamTam and Aljasser have worked together. The artist teamed up with the director on a music video for her track ‘Rise’ in 2018. In the video, the artist and director explored the concept of the patriarchy and the ways in which it functions in Saudi Arabia.

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