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Saudi Podcast

A new kind of sound is taking over Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is embracing change, and people are loving it. Music from all sides of the spectrum is beaming through the country but this time, it’s a podcast that has caught our attention. It’s called Pass The Kabsa and we’re already addicted.

Twice a week, the boys gather to dig into the trending news and hot topics of the moment; and they never shy away from addressing any they feel like talking about. Available on most streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, their warm comforting voices unpack a wide range of subjects all more relevant than the other. Not only that, but these guys are hilarious. You could deconstruct even the hardest topic with ease, and leave you laughing. 

Making us feel part of their tight group of friendship, that has by now managed to gather a couple of thousands of listeners, the recorded conversations give us the impression of sitting at a local café with your day ones. A safe space where anything can be touched upon without any judgment or scrutiny. A digital meeting that we never really expected to see happen or take place through the week but that we all always enjoy no matter what.

Soothing and very easy to latch on to, their 120 episodes are perfect to tune into at any point of the day and any mood you’re feeling. The best thing about these guys is that they are regular with their content, and fresh with their topics and approach.

Undeniably cool and forever pertinent, Pass The Kabsa is the podcast we recommend you to add to your to-listen list as soon as possible.

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