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Self-Care Monday: A Guide to Men’s Skincare

Follow in the footsteps of self-proclaimed skincare god Pharrell

It’s no secret that men aren’t the most adept at skincare. At most, their basic ‘routine’ involves using whatever soap is sat on their bathroom sink, followed by dabbing a moisturiser-that’s-actually-a-body-lotion on their face.


At worst, they’re like my brother, who doesn’t even believe in any kind of lotion, like, not even in the dead of winter when his skin is as dry as the desert.


The thing is, adopting a skincare routine isn’t all that complicated. It doesn’t have to involve a thousand different products, and after a few days, it becomes second nature. Most importantly though, your skin will thank you for it in the long run.


We round up our go-to skincare products that are super easy to incorporate in to your daily routine.





Most soaps and cleansers on the market will wash out excess oils and unclog your pores, but they’ll also leave your face pretty dry. This one by Thank You Farmer is a foaming gel made with natural ingredients that will keep your face clean without over-drying it.




105 AED / 28 USD





Exfoliating is a crucial yet often neglected step in skincare. You don’t need to do it every day – exfoliating more than necessary can actually be harmful to your skin, so it’s best to stick to doing it three times a week at most. When Pharrell finally revealed his skincare routine, he told Dazed that he “exfoliates like a madman”, and for obvious reasons, we should all follow suit. He didn’t specify his preferred exfoliator, but we recommend this one by Origins.




167 AED/ 30 USD





A toner’s job is essentially restoring your skin’s natural pH balance. If your skin is especially oily or acne prone, it will also remove any excess oils or dirt left over after cleansing. Steer clear of toners with alcohol as a main ingredient, as they will strip away all moisture. This one by Kiehl’s is made with cylindrical root extract and antarcticine –  a natural ingredient that’s brimming with hydration-enhancing benefits.




107 AED /  16 USD





After toning and exfoliating, your skin will still require extra moisture. Choosing the right moisturiser for your skin is an important task. Face oils can be great for those with dry to normal skin. However, if your skin is oily, we recommend this one by Origins with a lightweight oil-free formula.




121 AED / 28 USD

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