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Palestine’s BLTNM Announce Their First Music Festival

Make sure to mark your calendars

Palestine’s creative voice is getting louder and louder by the day, and it’s BLTNM this time who’s taking care of putting the volume up. 

Following the series of terrible events we all witnessed this year in the occupied territories, the Ramallah-based label is proving that they are not laying low by scheduling a festival on September 3 to raise the Palestinian flag sky-high.

Shabjdeed’s title Inn Ann, in collaboration with the young Dahboor, and produced by Al Nather, rapidly turned into an anthem for demonstrators around the world (let’s also not forget ordinary hip-hop heads too). After the trio gained serious momentum, they are seemingly using it to make their creed, style and vibe loud and clear for all. 


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In their inaugural musical event, the squad invites listeners to a one-day event pushing local homegrown talents forward. Accompanied by Shabjdeed and his usual associates, the lineup will also include Al Nather, Daboor, Fawzi, Jude Heib, Shabmouri, Elbor3e, Sakt, Abul3le as well as Revu.

Stretching from 6 to 11PM, the now much-anticipated hip-hop fest will take place in the group’s hometown, Ramallah, you can already book your tickets via this link here.

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