Shasha Movies Is the First Independent Streaming Service for SWANA Cinema

Calling all Arab cinephiles


Whilst Netflix is honing its catalogue of Arab cinema, it’s safe to say it isn’t all-encompassing. That’s where Shasha comes in. Offering access to a carefully-curated collection of  rare shorts, films and features, it is the trailblazing platform that seeks to explore new themes each month, focussing on specific social, political and cultural conversations happening in the Arab World.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign back in July 2020, the free from censorship and geo-blocking website, fuelled by an all-women founding team, has since positioned itself as the only initiative of its kind with licensing deals that break barriers, and borders, to grant enthusiasts with a unique silver-screen experience.

Putting a handpicked selection of 20 films forward for viewers to thoroughly enjoy every two months, Shasha has just unveiled a new update for its already, or soon to be, convinced users. Already ranging from monthly, annual or even gift subscription plans, the independent streaming platform has just recently launched an On Demand film service featuring 11 movies, all hailing from different countries and filmmakers from across the globe, to discover right now through their digital portal. 

In addition to the on-demand service, the all-female team has big ideas for the future which includes creating a free of access library, releasing films internationally all while expanding their IRL film club events.

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