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Your Essential Guide to Shopping Sneakers in Saudi

Get your hands on a pair of Dior Jordans

When it comes to streetwear, sneakers are probably the ultimate defining staple, and that has always been the case. Sportswear giants have pushed boundaries with their drops for decades, but—let’s be honest—we wouldn’t be this sneaker-obsessed if it weren’t for the birth of Michael Jordan’s iconic Air Jordans in 1984.

It didn’t take long after their release for sneakers to become a true wardrobe classic. That’s when the shoe moved beyond being synonymous with sports and basketball, going on to define street style at the heart of the early 90s burgeoning hip-hop and rap scene. 

Today, sneakers are omnipresent, even in high fashion, and that’s hugely thanks to their comfort and wearability. Whether it’s the latest low-high collab (hello Dior Jordans), or your next everyday pair you’re looking to get your hands on, it’s never been easier to shop in the region. And if you’re in Saudi Arabia in particular, a slew of retailers have opened their doors to streetwear, so you won’t be short of options. 

These are the best places to shop sneakers in Saudi Arabia. 



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The Jeddah store, which first opened its doors in 2015, brings some of the world’s best sneaker brands to the Gulf country. Alongside sneaker giants Nike and Adidas, Crowdless has a selection of major labels such as Alyx, GCDS and Sunnei. 

Level Shoes


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The multi-brand footwear retailer ships to Saudi Arabia as well as another four middle eastern countries. As the biggest shoe store in the world, you’ll find practically everything on the market. 



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The concept store is one of the first in the Kingdom. Spanning three floors, it offers everything you’re looking for, including the latest sneaker drops. A complete shopping experience with an access to luxury brands, art and food services, Personage is the place to go.



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From the latest Air Jordans to old-school Adidas Originals, Dropkick is your go-to destination for kick-ass sneakers. You can find them in the Mall of Dhahran, Riyadh Park and Riyadh Panorama Mall. 

Sneaker Boutique

The Jeddah store is doubling down on the growing sneaker resale market. They resell the hottest sneaker drops from streetwear giants like Yeezy, Adidas and Jordan.

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